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District Announcements
1st Annual Blue Ridge Days-July 10-11th

You're all invited to participate in the First Annual BR Days, Friday & Saturday July 10-11th 9AM- 2:00PM (with a BBQ from 12-2pm on Saturday) at BRHS.

Please consider joining us at Blue Ridge High for what looks to be a great time!

For those interested in having their church, club, or  organization participate, please be sure a representative is designated to coordinate efforts by contacting Mary Ford via email for details associated with a brief meeting on Tuesday, July 7th for team leaders to coordinate supplies, assignments and logistics.

It would be great to have one or two representatives from each participating organization to attend the July 7th meeting to ensure proper coordination. Please feel free to forward this email to all potentially interested parties.

Paint brushes, landscape tools and trash bags are needed to support the various assignments.

Jobs will be organized according to the degree of difficulty and hazard associated with the task. Age appreciate assignments will be designed to enable families with children and individuals of all ages and abilities to contribute. All are welcome and invited!

I look forward to working together in support of our students, mission and vision.

Kind regards,

Mike Wright

The Blue Ridge Unified School District will be launching a new website in July powered by recognized industry leader SharpSchool.  There will be some shuffling as the site is launched, and quite a few areas will still be under construction.  We will be introducing more information throughout the Fall semester.  PLEASE BEAR WITH US AS WE MAKE THIS TRANSITION.  THANK YOU.


Digital Compass is a free, online educational game that addresses the key issues that kids face in the digital world – cyberbullying, privacy and security, creative credit and copyright, information literacy, Internet safety, digital footprint and reputation, self-image and identity, relationships and communication – and gives students the freedom to explore how their digital interactions may impact their real-life relationships and future opportunities.
In the 21st Century, it is essential for people to be aware of the rights and responsibilities that are related to digital citizenship.  The lessons in Digital Compass have been developed from Common Sense Education’s K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, and are valuable tools for parents, teachers, and students to improved digital safety and awareness.
Social Media Matters! Be Responsible....
Social Media Tips: Oversharing-Think Before You Post
School Announcements
5th Grade AR Millionaire Word Mountain
5th Grade Running Club Kiddos
5th Grade Principal's Award
6th Grade Most Improved Students
AR Millionaire Word Mountain 6th Graders
Principal's Award for 6th Grade
Running Club 6th Grade Kiddos
Presidential Award for 6th Graders
6th Grade Perfect Attendance
5th Grade Volunteer Recipients
Most Improved Fifth Graders
Most Improved Fluency Students
Running Club 4th Grade Kiddos
4th Grade AR Millionaire Word Mountain
Perfect Attendance 4th Graders
4th Grade Principal's Award Students
Most Improved Fourth Graders
Most Improved Fluency Students
Proficient Students in the ELL Program
Final CC! Luncheon for Citizenship Recipients
CC! Luncheon for Citizenship Students
CC! Students for Citizenship
6th Grade Science Fair Participants
Very Proud of these Students
Super Cool Kiddos from the ELL Program
ELL Graduation Assembly
Digging for Fossils
4th Grade Geologist
Thanks Parents for Participating
Showcasing Survival Island at 5th Grade
Redwood Table Completed by these Awesome Kiddos
Fun Times at Intersession
Greetings BRMS Community!
It is hard to believe that Spring Break is approaching. With this in mind, be sure to attend Math Night on Thursday, March 5th from 5:30-7:00 p.m. in the multipurpose room. Entertainment will be provided by students, and Odyssey of the Mind will be selling snacks to support their upcoming competitions. Come on out and support BRMS. Parental support and involvement is greatly appreciated.
Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held on the week of March 9-13. Be sure and sign up to meet with your child’s teacher and hear about all the wonderful things happening in the classroom and with your child. Intersession will be March 16-19 with STEM-Based Projects this year. Each grade level will have a specific project with a limited number of students in a small group setting. Any students attending intersession will be required to attend all four days. On Thursday, March 19th, students will showcase their project to parents at 10:30 a.m. in the multipurpose room.
AzMerit, the new State test for grades 3-8, will be administered the week of April 13-17. BRMS will be administering the test in the paper/pencil format this year. We are in need of donations of #2 pencils. BRMS will be celebrating the week of testing. Many classrooms will have a potluck breakfast in the morning. Be sure and send your child with a snack. Though the test is new and a bit more complicated, we are confident our students will do well. Please make sure your child arrives on time to school for testing and remains at school the entire day. Encourage your child to do well as testing can cause some anxiety. Your child needs to be well rested for testing, and homework will not be assigned for the week of testing.
Our final school-wide event for the year will be our Spring Showcase and 4th Grade Orientation. This event will be held on Thursday, May 7th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Fourth grade orientation will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Junior High Gym. Teachers and staff will be available to answer questions to our future fourth graders. Take time to visit classrooms and tour the school. Take pride in your child’s artwork. This will be a fun event!
We encourage everyone to check-out the school webpage. With all the end of the year activities, it is important to refer to the calendar. Class webpages have events listed as well. Typically, a flyer on colored paper goes home with our students to advertise school events.  I also send home a monthly newsletter. Many times these papers get stuck in backpacks or are put into recycling boxes in the classroom. Encourage your child to bring these papers home to inform families of events. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing our BRMS families at all the upcoming events.

Navajo County Spelling Bee Finalist
On Wednesday, February 18th, Claire Lopez, Dylan Clark, and Sayra Morales will participant in the Navajo County Spelling Bee at the Snowflake High School Auditorium. The event will begin at 2:00 p.m. with students across Navajo County spelling off against each other. We wish Claire, Dylan, and Sayra the best of luck at the competition.
CC! Students for Caring
These students were recognized at an assembly on Friday, January 30th for showing the characteristics of a Caring individual. Teachers and students nominated students for this award. Students will be treated to a special luncheon in February. Congratulations to everyone who received this award.
Running Club 10K Goal Accomplished
Congratulations to the students in Running Club who have completed their 10K Goal! Running Club meets on Thursdays after school from 2:30 - 3:15 p.m. Thank you Mrs. Garner, Mrs. McBride, and Mr. Simms for assisting and encouraging these kiddos. The kids have a lot of fun and are doing an amazing job. Keep up the awesome job your are doing each week!
We Have a Supportive Community
Thank You for Your Vote of Confidence in Our District
Thank You BRMS Community for Believing in Our Schools
BRMS Awesomeness
Attention BRMS Community!

Here are some amazing things that need recognition for this week.
*$1658.12 donations collected by the students for the Monster Dash.

*Temper, Neumann, and Simms take classes to Elementary School for Reading Buddies (Burson did this last week) to promote reading with the Elementary kiddos.
*Extra Opportunity begins...
*BRMS will have a running club beginning in November due to the efforts of parents and and PTO.
*Transportation supports Extra Opportunity Program and Jacket Pride...Thank You Nancy Bortin and Jen Senff.
*6th grade reward trip for students mastering multiplication facts.
*Mrs. Lopez does a phenomenal job assisting with the auditing this week. What an amazing secretary!
*BRMS going strong with Accelerated Reader.

 I am so proud of our students and staff at BRMS. We have a phenomenal school. As always..thank you for your continued support and entrusting us with your children.

Alicia Phillips, Principal

4-H Garden Harvest
Attention BRMS Dads!

BRMS is looking for some amazing Dads to become Campus DOGS (Dads of Great Students). If you are willing to give up some time in the morning and afternoon working with the public and children and have an upbeat and positive attitude, this is right up your alley. This is a volunteer experience that would be worth your time. We need Dads willing to complete a volunteer packet and fingerprinting in order to volunteer at the school. Campus DOGS will assist with monitoring the parking lot, traffic flow in the pick-up and drop-off area, and walking the halls before and after school. This is an incredible opportunity for Dads to be involved in the school.

If this is of interest to any Dads, please stop by and see me. Volunteer packets are available in the office. This packet needs to be completed prior to fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is done on Fridays after 1:00 p.m. Please check with Mrs. Lopez to arrange a time to be fingerprinted. We look forward to having some DOGS assisting at the school.

Thank you-
Alicia Phillips
Important Announcement for Parents
This year BRMS will be promoting healthy snacks and food at school. Effective the beginning of the 2014 – 2015 school year, food items to celebrate student birthdays will no longer be permitted due to an increase of students with food allergies, illnesses, food reactions, and childhood obesity. Parents are encouraged to bring in items that are nonfood based such as school supplies to share with their class for birthday recognitions. Because our school values uninterrupted instructional time, we appreciate your support in this new practice. Healthy snacks are becoming a common practice in many school districts across the nation and in Arizona schools.

BRMS has designated three scheduled parties for the school year:
·         December  - Winter Celebration
·         February – Valentine’s Day
·         May – End of the Year
These parties will have a healthy snack theme to promote healthy eating. We will continue to allow students to bring in a healthy snack during the morning break and ask that students not bring in soda or sugary items to consume at that time.

Thank you for supporting our school with this endeavor. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Alicia Phillips, Principal